How Do I Ship My Sell-To-Us Order To You?

We work with FedEx for all Sell-To-Us shipments. 

As an alternative option, you can ship your order on your own if you wish. Should you choose to do so, we recommend that you send your items via USPS Registered Mail with a signature required and purchase insurance for the full amount of the included items. Please keep in mind, in most cases, it is faster and more cost-effective to ship orders with our prepaid UPS label compared to USPS Registered Mail.

Safe Shipping and Packaging Checklist:

  • Secure items in a small box.
  • Restrict the movement of items by using packaging materials such as padded envelopes, bubble wrap, paper, and foam pads. Shake the package to ensure there is no rattling.
  • Mark down tracking information.
  • Mark the tracking number, shipper, and recipient information outside the smaller box. This is needed in the event shipping information on the outside box is damaged or becomes illegible during transit.
  • Double-box all shipments.
  • Package the smaller box inside a larger courier box. Restrict possible movement with additional cushioning increases the strength and integrity of the package.
  • Properly enclose all boxes.
  • Seal all seams or flaps on the outside box with clear tape in addition to any adhesive flaps. This helps avoid tampering.
  • Label boxes properly.
  • Avoid wording that points to the valuable good within the package. Do not use obvious words that identify the valuables, this is strictly prohibited. Abbreviate all names. For example, use Tom’s Shop instead of Tom’s Coin Shop.
  • Act as if all packages have no insurance.
  • Include a packing slip and note the trade number and/or account name so parcels can be verified properly.
  • Never reveal the contents of the packages, even to the courier.
  • Never state the value or reference the valuables anywhere on the boxes or labeling.
  • Do not ship items in boxes with a value in excess of $60,000 per box. We will provide you an adequate number of labels to accommodate your full shipment regardless of the number of boxes required.
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